IQS is a company with Costa Rican capital, born on January 14, 2003, due to the vision and entrepreneurial idea of Julio Cesar Ortega Sánchez, Food Technologist graduated from the University of Costa Rica. Since its inception, the company has specialized in the marketing and distribution of raw materials for the production of food for human consumption.
Over the years we have incorporated new product lines with the aim of providing our customers with a comprehensive solution to their needs. We have an excellent human group which is permanently trained in order to be updated on the changes and technological innovations that occur in our field.
We have a modern fleet of vehicles to guarantee quality and safety from the moment the materials arrive to their final destination in our clients’ warehouses.

Services and qualities

Our main objective is to achieve a permanent improvement in our activities in order to provide a service that ensures a permanent stock of our products and free, effective and immediate specialized technical advice. This in order to support the innovation and growth of our customers.
We love to drive innovation, remember that we are what we eat and that eating is a pleasure.

Therefore, it is a great responsibility to be part of the food chain and we take this very seriously.
Safety is not negotiable and the best juices come from the best oranges. We say it and we always remember it. We currently work under the FSSC 22000 version 5.1 certification scheme and we are implementing the ISO 9001 standard.


Promote the development of the food industry through the marketing of supplies, offering our customers innovative solutions through our service and advice, also consolidating our commitment to quality and safety.


Consolidate in the market as the promoters of quality and food safety in Costa Rica and the best option in distribution of food supplies.


Consolidate in the market as the promoters of quality and food safety in Costa Rica and the best option in distribution of food supplies.


Innovation: Produce a change by introducing novelties that lead to continuous improvement.
Quality: Products of excellent manufacturing and performance of the best level.

Commitment: Responsibility to comply with the standards that ensure food quality and safety.
Respect: Recognize one’s own value and that of all the components of society.

Safety policy

At Insumos Químicos y Servicios de Costa Rica SRL, we are committed to formulating, producing, distributing and importing products for the food industry, suitable for human consumption; guaranteeing its quality and safety from the raw material reception process to delivery to the final customer, making continuous improvements in our processes, maintaining the legal, national and international regulatory requirements and those of our interested parties.